The Data Collection Toolkit - Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Classroom Data

The Data Collection Toolkit – Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Classroom Data

Author: Cindy Golden
Publishing Info: Paperback 264 pages ' January 2018
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Collecting data on behavior, academic skills, and IEP goals is an essential step in showing student progress—but it can also be a complicated, time-consuming process. Take the worry and stress out of data collection with this ultra-practical resource, packed with the tools you need to organize, manage, and monitor critical information on your students’ progress. You’ll discover proven, stress-free data collection techniques used by real teachers, with strategies and shortcuts developed through the author’s extensive teaching and consulting work. You’ll also get first-person classroom examples, quizzes, definitions of key terms, and a complete package of reproducible forms and tools. An essential resource for special educators, general educators, and paraprofessionals, this toolkit will help you become a “classroom detective” who collects the right data, analyzes it skillfully, and uses it to solve each student’s challenges.


master the basic steps of effective data collection
design a creative data collection process custom-tailored to your needs
record and graph your students’ academic, behavioral, and IEP data
expertly manage your time and paperwork while collecting all the data you need
use data collection strategies to systematically address specific questions and problems
select appropriate methods for monitoring progress
analyze data for trends and patterns
make data-driven decisions that enhance student achievement

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Record and analyze your classroom data with a complete package of ready-to-use, reproducible forms and tools! Includes Quick-Graph forms that make it easy to record data and graph trends on the same form; data sheets and graphs; tip sheets; and handouts and organizational tools.

Includes more than 40 forms and tools!

Quick-Graphs for recording and analyzing data on one form
Data sheets and graphs for academic, behavioral, and IEP data
Organizational tools for establishing a data collection system
Handouts for building your data collection notebook


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